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ACCESS an interactive art installation by Marie Sester
ACCESS, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2003, photo Marie Sester http:
ACCESS at SFMOMA. Marie Sester
SUN06 Seminar - Interactive Art Example 3 (ACCESS by Marie Sester)
ACCESS an interactive art installation by Marie Sester
ACCESS is an interactive art installation that lets web users ...
ACCESS at Z33 - House for Contemporary Art, in Hasselt, Belgium, 2011 on Vimeo
ACCESS lets you track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system.
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Full wall, interactive art installation
50 Best Websites of 2004
Marie Sester - Ars Electronica. ACCESS campagnebeeld
0beaan.jpg ...
ACCESS campagnebeeld. Marie Sester
'You Fade To Light' is is an interactive media installation that provokes a kinesthetic. '
ACCESS - an interactive art installation by Marie Sester. ACCESS is an an interactive installation that lets web users track …
EXPOSURE_original duration: 3:31' _Showview for curators - Marie Sester
Internal Alchemy - An interactive video art installation
L'Architecture du Paradis: Atlantis - Marie Sester
0beaan.jpg 0obeammimi.jpg is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which a movie frame from a montage of violent excerpts from films, ...
Act/React: Interactive Art, installation video 2
Kinect Interactive Art Installation
Two Audio Visual Instruments - Interactive Installation by VJ Fader
Marie Sester likes to watch. To be more precise, the Los Angeles-based artist likes to create interactive sculptures that raise questions about ...
Communication Arts' 24th Annual Interactive Competition
SHAN SHUI Interactive installation Geert Mul 2013
CIVIC challenged us to create an art installation inspired by the HBO series, Game of
Marie Sester
Marie Sester Interview: Access, Transparency and Visibility in “Exposure”, by Eduardo Navas
Marie Sester – ACCESS
CASCADE I - Yunchul Kim
MoRFES_02 (Mobile Robotic Fabrication Eco-System 02) is an iteration of a series
Marie Sester is a French media artist based in Los Angeles. She began her career as an architect, having earned her master's degree from the Ecole ...
It is an interactive and light-based piece that blurs the boundaries between architecture installation and art.
Scandinavian Design Group and Ctrl+N Create an Undulating Interactive Installation for Lundin Norway
Interactive installation
Kiefer Technic Showroom Access- Marie Sester ... Preview at CalArts
Tell Me the Truth, 2010 - Marie Sester
Aurora Interactive Lighting Installation Kinect+ Led+ 1 диод это 1 пиксель. Создание звука и цвета
L'Architecture Du Paradis
Interactive Wall Installation Siddharth Mankad
made from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains and an additional 5,000 made from donated burnt out
Photo by: Marie Sester
Interactive Art
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Voice Array, 2011
Aram Bartholl -
The Duality installation transforms the movement of pedestrians into a digital and physical ripple effect,
CONSTELLACTION - an emergent a/v installation for Copernicus Science Centre / Przemiany Festiwal 2013
0theboxw.jpg ...
Walking in the rain without getting wet. Indoor Rain
互動式投影作品《Cloud Pink》,模擬衝破天際的爽感
Marie Sester, Uncertain Spectator / Image of FEAR
Marie Sester, Uncertain Spectator / Image courtesy of the artist
Marie Sester: Marie Sester: Under Surveillance: Transparency, Visibility, War And Fame.
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SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy. Talking secrets and pandas with Jacob Appelbaum ·
Titel: Digital Interactive Installations
Marie Sester creates interactive artworks using digital technologies. Born in France, she began her career as an architect and holds a Master Degree from ...
originelle Bushaltestellen
Wynne Greenwood. Screen-printed and upholstered foam. Courtesy of the artist .
0archipara.jpg ...
Uncertain Spectator Exhibition opening, NOV 2010
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SIMULACRA - interactive video installation by Karina Smigla-Bobinski - YouTube
Digital Media 3
Sorry Miss, this installation is good but it won't interact: Hello World by Yunchul Kim
the shadow of the kids
Assignment 1 : Interaction Prototype
Finally some time to put order in my brain and write a few lines about the 5th edition of Seoul International Media Art Biennale, aka media_city Seoul.
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