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Another set of models from my 4th year design studio at
Another set of models from my 4th year design studio at SCI-Arc...the first pin-up of the semester. These are by Cynthia Abi-Naked. #sciarc
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The KB Home Design Studio Experience
Freshman architecture studio is always abuzz with activity. Here, first-year architecture students prepare for a pinup and critique session in spring 2014.
The WaterSchool, a self-initiated project of Studio Makkink & Bey, was invited to be present at the 4th Design Biennial in Istanbul.
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Community meeting facilitated in the Centre for Landscape Research (CLR) Immersive Visualization Lab.
3D Home Kit: Complete Materials To Design & Build a Model of Your Own Home Building Project
KB Home Design Studio
The Offices of BIG. Image © BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group
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Key Lights, Fill Lights, Hair Lights
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Ace Hotel broke the hospitality mould when it unleashed its irreverent, carefully curated ethos on the world almost two decades ago. This week, its creative ...
Here are all the timelines for each version in the latest update to the Model 3 design studio in the US:
Freshman students are busy working on a project in their freshman studio space
K-12 Summer Program, Architecture Design Studio. Photo: Center for Architecture.
Studio Makkink & Bey is one of few design firms who combine curatorship and design. One of the exhibitions they curated as well as designed is the ...
East London-based Studio Furthermore was inspired by the rocks, earth and mineral ores of Iceland for its 'Replica' series. The ceramics and aluminium alloy ...
BUILD-LLC-Portfolio-01. The visuals for this ...
Courtesy of WRNS Studio
Pebble benches at Zero Space, Musashino Art University, by Igarashi Design Studio
Bassett Custom Upholstery - Mobile ...
K-12 Summer Program, Building Bridges. Photo: Erik Barden.
Exhibition of final work. Students final designs and models from their second semester of freshman studio are exhibited in ...
... Landscape Architecture, Site Analysis, Concept Diagram, Walled Garden, Site Plans, Built Environment, Urban Design, Pageants, Sustainable Architecture, ...
My home studio.
Scale model
In this article we will take a close look at the architectural concept and how it
Studio Makkink & Bey will provide part of the interior design for the forthcoming retrospective exhibition in Paris of the work of the fashion designer Jean ...
Building Foam board Models Making House Scale Model PART 4
These striking podiums form part of a set of nine. The collection, entitled 'Primitives', was designed by Sicilian studio Moncada Rangel and draws ...
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Beirut Waterfront Park Sasaki Site Analysis Architecture, Architecture Site Plan, Architecture Graphics, Landscape
XML+ Jurgen Bey are nominated for their design for the European Council in Brussels. The other nominees are Studio Farris Architects and Studio Samira Boon.
It ...
A Closer look At The USS Enterprise In 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Spain's 'tonight' show, the "late motiv" wed.feb.15, 2017. Graphic Designer on a late night talk show? David may be the first.
NIFT Situation Test: Previous years' questions 2006-2017
Model ships and castle
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Exhibition Stall Design for Aurobindo ...
NEWS: Grafton Architects' UTEC project nominated in the architecture category of Beazley Designs of the Year by the Design Museum. 02.09.2016
Top image: Original Wii console with Wii Remote (2006) Bottom image: Latest model Wii Mini (2012)
BAL! at the Soestdijk Palace
The window is lit up, right where you'd expect it, under the bridge dome.
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Italian architect Antonio Barbieri was commissioned to create a new look for Milan's Gum flagship store. Barbieri created a multicoloured space designed to ...
+Halle – Nest Collection
The two protagonist point guns in different directions. The title is seen in the background
ALLELES Interviewed on Refinery29
The Best Colored Pencils
Since the Xbox One's 2013 debut, Microsoft has launched an array of unique and stylish Xbox One controllers, even providing the opportunity to design your ...
Co-CEO Cohen Discusses Driverless Cars, Parking, and.
L to R with 12 inch ruler at bottom: 1:64 Matchbox Chevrolet Tahoe, 1:43 Ford F-100, 1:25 Revell Monogram 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra, 1:18 Bburago 1987 Ferrari ...
The Assemblage by Meyer Davis Studio: 2018 Best of Year Winner for Coworking Space
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Ambechoic Designs
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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black (New Model
Intelligent Machines. The Dark Secret at ...
Studio Makkink & Bey presents Design Mattters, the first solo exhibition in Italy. Plusdesign gallery in Milan will host the exhibition.
printable furniture templates 1/4 inch scale | Free Graph Paper for Furniture Space Plan Designs.
Matrix 7 Jewelry Model Created for ...
Last Friday I created a facebook event for my classmates and myself to come into the studio this Friday to assist each other with our design ideas.
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The Lego Movie
Figure 4: A no-expense-spared non-environment control room — Studio
Tesla accelerates Model 3 delivery timeline for rear-wheel-drive version
Shape Evolution flowchart
Designing Logo
Prototypa – London
From 2006 to 2012, I have — on average — been buying a new MacBook Pro every year.
Submitted by Evan
Aluminium defines interiors of Rimowa's Berlin boutique by Universal Design Studio
On ...
I Built a Replica Chinese Takeout Restaurant in My Photo Studio
ASKO offers a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances that matches the highest demands on design, function, durability as well as environmental ...
Local Studio clads 1930s office building in pink and green tiles to create design hub in Johannesburg
The Sofa Sale
Photo: Hannes Bieger. Getting the sound in ...
2017 Logo Design trends by 2017 Logo Trends,
Slide: 4 / of 7. Caption: Caption: Users can dial in the lights to cast their glow up or down (or both).
+Halle – Torno Collection. Danish design brand +Halle in ...
3D modelling tools enable students to experiment with complex forms. "EMERGE" Participant for
A sense of speed and presence