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Cessna 206 taking off from a waterlogged dirt strip
Cessna 206 taking off from a water-logged dirt strip runway
A Cessna 185 Skywagon flying with the door off to take photographs
Quest Kodiak Feature
1953 Cessna 170B
Everyone had a great time, checking out all the airplanes, attending some of the talks, and watching the warbirds and other airplanes take off and land.
See the video of our 182 taking off from the SCBC Fly-In at Triple Tree taken by good friend and fellow pilot Joe Hinson.
Cessna 170
1953 Cessna 170B
The Light Twin Cessna T303 Crusader
Locally-based Cessna 170 moments before touchdown at Reid Hillview. Private Plane, Air
A Cessna 185 Skywagon landing at Dug Bar in the backcountry
List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (A–C) - Wikipedia
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Pilot and his small Cessna 150M 150HP airplane at the Bold landing strip located in the
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Delivering eye clinic supplies and staff to Phom, Fangak county, South Sudan
Cessna 170 - Boundary Layer Control research Aviation Industry, Pilot, Research, Airplanes,
A Cessna 185 Skywagon parked off the Mexican Mountain airstrip.
Lining up for takeoff.
What is an Alaska bush pilot? - No one travels to Anchorage on a covered wagon. A Cessna 206 is not a horse. Yet cowboys are to pilots as the frontier is ...
Cessna 170
1954 Cessna 170 for sale in (HAE) Hannibal, MO USA => aircraft-for-sale/Single-Engine-Piston/1954-Cessna-170/13117/
Cessna 170B aircraft picture Cessna 150, Private Pilot, Airplanes, Aviation, Aircraft,
Indonesia. Papua Baliem Valley Trekking. Our plane ride back from Sobaham to Wamena
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The Cessna 206 on an airstrip, not the widest one I agree.
The Cessna 170B is a popular choice among frugal GA pilots. This 1952 170B is
Sport pilot landing on airfield strip - Stock Image
Cessna 170
A series of photos by Ted Sarbin of a Cessna 206 landing at Tunnel Meadows in 1985.
Cold Weather OperationsCold Weather Operations
Tie-down rope from the flagpole
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The FBI admitted that it flew secret surveillance planes over Baltimore during last week's riots following
helicopter standing on landing strip in airfield - Stock Image
I forget where our next destination was, but I won't forget the ride there – a Cessna 170. I remember landing though a canyon and seeing pine trees on each ...
A small plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff in an eastern Arizona mountain
It was pretty cool to not only watch the plane taxi to the beach runway, but to also follow the plane along in the car as it took off.
Sport pilot landing on airfield strip - Stock Image
A photo of a Ryanair Boeing airplane landing in Bologna, Italy with a puff of smoke coming off the landing gear
A private plane takes off on the runway. The takeoff strip of the aircraft.
Nose/taste of oak, armagnac, alcohol soaked bread, alcohol soaked fruit.
Limousine and private jet on landing strip. - Stock Image
Disciples of Flight Author Crista Worthy
A Stearman in downtown Lima, Peru
Height 15 ft 2 in 14 ft Cessna_Denali_vs_Pilatus_PC12_04
Mr Heinrich Kubis was Germany's ...
Phaplu has an “airport” consisting of a dirt strip and a dude with binoculars and a radio. After landing in Phaplu we trek a few hours (mostly in the dark) ... Trial Membership ...
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Picture of the Week
D71 4789
The first and last time I skipped the preflight checklist - Student Pilot News
A Cessna 185 Skywagon at a backcountry airstrip with the night sky
assuming you had a cool $4.6 million.
... be his most likely choice. My climb was short-lived as I entered the base of the overcast at sixty-two hundred feet just a couple of miles west of the ...
the medical staff and the pilot always take lunch under the Cessna 206 wing. Especially around lake Natron where 40C seem a normal temperature…
Cessna 340
Beautiful Day to Fly...On the Knik Photo By @deonmitton #ilovealaskafans
Beechcraft King Air: Over 60 Million Flight Hours and Counting
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... And to complete this fantastic day, a shot of us all in front of our Cessna 206 together with pilot Christopher.
FightingCockpits_09 9.
Chitisone Canyon Our plane
Letters from the January 2016 issue
Convertible and private jet on landing strip. - Stock Image
Dan Patterson's imagery puts the reader in ...
Shortly after takeoff, the twin engine aircraft stalled and crashed inverted, killing both pilots.
This Cessna 206 gave the team a great view of the broad expanse of wetlands and potholes in Saskatchewan.
Area Forecasts are good for 18 hours. The first 12 hours are the “VFR clouds and weather” part, which is a specific forecast with visibilities ...