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Eclipse 500 Jet Jets amp Props Aviation Aircraft Jet
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Cobalt's Co50 Valkyrie
Very Light Jets make time is a primary concern. A very light jet can do a flight from Boulder to Dallas with four passengers that would take just under 2 ...
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The four-seat Eclipse Concept Jet shares about 60 percent commonality with the Eclipse 500
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We see them every day overhead, and they always make us look up and ponder. Airplanes are a romantic concept because of the faraway places to which they can ...
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The 910 and 930 have a five-blade composite propeller, winglets, large aft
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The M2 has a straight wing, LED exterior lights, winglets, Williams engines,
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First production Vision SF50, displayed at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2016
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The over-the-wing engines and bulbous cockpit windows make the HondaJet easy to
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Many have tried, Cirrus succeeds with first personal jet
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If you say "personal jet" in the lobby of a typical general aviation FBO, images of a Cessna Mustang, Eclipse 500, or maybe the up-and-coming Cirrus Vision ...
All but the very earliest models feature wingtip fuel tanks. The Project Canada models will
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At first, turboprops and light jets suffered the most. Big iron activity was strong. Single-pilot, primarily owner-flown turbine airplanes plodded along.
The cabin is almost two feet longer than that of the CJ3+. The CJ4 also
The Machete is still in the concept stages, but is set to be released in
Electric-powered 'air taxis' that fly at almost 200mph could be picking up passengers in four years | Daily Mail Online
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Cessna Citation XLS
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Honda not just cars and bikes-Honda Jet - Faster than any business jet in its class with a maximum cruise speed of 420 MPH
Zunum's plans and timetable underscore a rush to develop small electric aircraft based on rapidly evolving battery technology and artificial intelligence ...
Clay Lacy: “The Planes I've Flown & The People I've
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The Eclipse Concept Jet, introduced by Vern Raburn, Eclipse Aviation president and CEO,
Braking effectiveness is a bit limited on this particular airplane, and Sonex knows this; they are already working on brake modifications, which should make ...
The Eclipse 550 ~ private jet
Hawker Beechcraft 800XP
Look for five cabin windows per side, wings with modest sweep, and leading-
Eclipse 550 Price: $2.9 million
IFR Fix: A missed opportunity
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The CJ3+ has a straight wing, seven windows on each side of the cabin,
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Using the proper camera-holding technique, follow the subject in your viewfinder by twisting at the waist. You don't want to move the camera around to do ...
Epic's Elite, a twin-engine VLJ, is wheeled into position after its debut
Look for composite, five-blade scimitar propeller; winglets; radar pod on right
Photo Gallery: Can New Products Shake Bizav Out Of Doldrums? | Aviation Week
The Eclipse 400 is a single engine very light jet that was designed by Eclipse Aviation, producer of the Eclipse Range: miles km) Weight: lbs kg) Length: m) ...
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The planform resembles that of a hammerhead shark.
Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Price: $1.96 million
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The Phenom 100EV has four cabin windows per side and a straight wing with deice boots
Two batteries behind the nose cone provide plenty of power for starting.
FAA certified in the Adam Aircraft, ...
Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft
The Y-tail is the perfect configuration for a single-engine jet. The high thrust line is noticeable, but easily managed.
Aircraft Size Chart
Moving across the front panel, you'll find remarkably few controls for a turbine aircraft. The landing gear switch and indicator lights are in the upper ...
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SubSonex quickbuild kits under construction in Sonex's Oshkosh facility. Despite the caché of being a jet, the construction is familiar to anyone who has ...
Perhaps you won't be lucky enough to own an Eclipse Concept Jet but, you have a chance here to own the Eclipse Aviation's flagship aircraft, the Eclipse 500 ...
You WILL believe a man can fly: Daredevil pilot uses 125mph jet-powered 'wing suit' to hurtle over mountains of Switzerland | Daily Mail Online
The nose came down on its own almost immediately, and then it was up to the brakes. Make sure that the throttle is at idle; there's no need to add any more ...
What makes a jet a jet is…well, the jet! The first thing people ask when a new jet aircraft is announced is, "What engine is it using?
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The radical new egg shaped jet engine with two sets of blades could dramatically cut fuel
Eclipse Aerospace announces a new package of safety enhancements available for existing Eclipse Jet owners
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Photo Gallery: Can New Products Shake Bizav Out Of Doldrums? | Aviation Week
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