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Go fish At Kvenv230r west of the island of Hitra you might
Fifteen huge circular nets float in the tranquil bay of Hitra, an island on the
For hundreds of years fishermen throughout Norway have travelled to the Lofoten Islands between January and March to take part in a cod catching frenzy.
Sotra Rorbusenter - fiske
Randi Skaug
The fishing village of Håholmen
Ice fishing in Gjøvik
Ice fishing in Norway
Deep sea fishing from Smøla Havfiskesenter
An acuaculture farm, Hitra
Traditional fishing trip from Svolvær
Sustainable fishing: Salmon in their open sea circular nets farming area at Norwegian seafood supplier
Fjord Norway | UNESCO fjords, mountains, waterfalls, Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund
Go for a eagle safari at Hitra, Frøya and Roan! Photo: http:
Free fishing in over 50 lakes: Steinkjer Kommuneskoger - Ogndalsbruket KF
Oscarsborg, Drøbak
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Hike through beautiful scenery at Hitra
Sletringen Lighthouse, at the island of Frøya. You can stay overnight at some of
Lasse Johansens orkester – Hitra og Ta mej till havet
The coastal guide Hitra Frøya 2017
Front page slide – Fishing
The fish was hauled to market in corfs behind Ole Mikkel Lerøen's rowing boat from the island of Lerøy to the fish market in Bergen, a journey that could ...
What to do and see in Lofoten
You can spend the day on the beautiful island of Hydra, in a class of its own as far as the islands go, particularly those close to Athens.
A couple enjoying the sun at Stokkøya Sjøsenter in Trøndelag
A person standing close to a lake in Varanger surrounded by northern lights
GeiloMat AS
... care of by approved drainage facilities. The waste is sorted into different fractions and collected from the processing plants. We have also arranged ...
View over Arendal
Hjønnevåg Rorbuferie
Hiking and ice climbing on the Folgefonna Glacier in Hardanger, Norway
Fishing - Karmøy
Sula lighthouse - accomodation
Fishing village Veiholmen
Bicycling at Hitra: Sandstad - Forsnes - Kvenvær - Fillan
A boy and a girl watching fishes in an aquarium at Atlanterhavsparken in Ålesund
The Nidelva flows through Trondheim with old storehouses flanking both sides of this river. The Nidaros Cathedral and Old Town Bridge can be seen on the ...
Mount Kjerag's world tour - Official travel guide to Norway -
Vega Opplevelsesferie
Bergenfest - live music festival
Norway's national day 17 May
Trout fishing at Hovden
Noosa Holiday Guide 17th Edition
THE NORWEGIAN SALMON ISLAND Duration when ship is anchoring at Sandstad, Hitra: 4.5 hours
Discover Pure Grenada
Andørja Adventures
The fishing boat MK Andholmen which braved gales and German attacks while crossing eight times to Norway, still survives, as does the sub-chaser KNM Hitra, ...
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Aquaculture fertilization tanks at Leroy's plant in Hitra. Photo: Céline Serrat/AFP/
A man standing on a mountain looking at the view
Adventures in Valldal
The coast of Namdalen
Map View; Streetview
Daily fishing trips by the Atlantic Road
Borgund Hyttesenter
Sjøstrand Rorbuer v /Børge Iversen AS
Rafsundet in September, Northern Norway
Hiking in Hallingdal – a true Norwegian mountain holiday - Official Travel Guide to Norway -
Some of the highlights you can enjoy with the Bergen Card!