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Happens every time RANDOM Funny Lol and Haha
Lol like seriously this happens ALL the time!! Hahaha
Happens every time.
Happens all the time
All the time..... ever happen to you haha lol XD your lucky if it didnt @Kaylee Score Score Weninger
Lol, i get teased about this all the time!!
Every. Time.
Happens to me all the time. Lol, Haha Funny, Funny Stuff, Funny
Financial Peace
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happens all the time... (@Rachel Niehoff I know this happens to you a lot too)
But seriously, this happens a the time lol
Haha, except i laugh out loud in the middle of non-humorous conversations :
Happens to me all the time lol Lol, Haha Funny, Funny Stuff, Funny
happens to me at work all the time! Funny Jokes, Haha Funny, Funny
Lol. This happens to me All. The. Time. Luckily I'm a giant chicken, with a very over active imagination!
Happens all the time. Funny ThingsFunny StuffRandom ...
Happens to me ALL the time! Usually end up pinning it again just in case. Sorry about that y'all #SHFL
This is exactly what happens.
I always forget something I need at the grocery store. It happens every time !
How I eat my fries… | We love potatoes! | Pinterest | Funny, Lol and Haha
Every time
Haha auto correct is funny every time! ok it's less funny when it happens to me! but funny none the less!
it happens every time.
Lol. Gotta love autocorrect. And all the weird and random things it will toss out there... happens to me all the time hahaha
lol Every time I read this I am in tears, from laughter. I don't know why this makes me laugh.
Haha, this happens all the time, my friends and I squeal and say "OMG! We match!"
Happens everytime! Haha Funny, Hilarious, Lol, Funny Stuff, Kid Stuff,
Happens every time!
Lol not really a quote but this made me laugh since i do have dyslexia. This what happens to me all the time.
Happens every time! Haha Funny, Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Random Stuff,
hate it when it happens...ALL THE TIME...LOL Haha
I LITERALLY USED TO DO THE EXACT THING. < < my cousin, my brother, and I used to play orphanage every time we went to my cousin's house
Tall girl advantage :) this happens to me all the time
Wanted to do this every time someone sent a farmville request :p
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happens all the time!. lol Funny Quotes, Quotes Pics, Random Quotes,
my husbands still has the old brick phone.I laugh every time he's still texting a reply and someone texts him.
Happens all the time! Lol!
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Lol I shouldn't laugh at this but it's too funny cause it's true!
haha wish my phone would do this, would prevent a lot of embarrassing drunk texts.
haha I say this all the time! minus the naked part lol | What makes me... me | Shit happens, Sayings, Quotes
love when this happens Haha, I Love To Laugh, Make Me Smile, The
The opposite happens to me. I watch Hoarders and I feel a compulsive need to throw away everything I own.
Makes me laugh every time... hehe
OMFG Regina blah haha XD you know me so well. Sounds just like me. Happens all the time. My poor math teacher.
Not Good When This Happens Haha Funny, Funny Memes, Funny Stuff, Funny Things
20 Questions to Ask Siri with Kids - That are Hilarious and Family Friendly!
This is how I feel about avocados… Lol, Haha Funny, Funny Stuff,
This happens time all the time I can never get a joke out coz I start laughing before I tell it coz I know it's hilarious
LOL it happens every time.. :P Haha Funny, Lol, Funny Stuff
I hate it when you. walk outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you. You know it happens all the time hahaha
Haha, that's too fun. This happens to me all the time it's so embarrassing lol ...
I know happens to me all the time Laughter, Funny Memes, Haha Funny,
I have dish duty at my house and this happens to me every single time i wash a spoon. Or at least it feels like this.
Happens every time. Hahaha so funny!
haha happens to be all the damn time
Deja moo ~ Happens to me all the time! Lol ~ Haha Funny, Funny
Karma...this happens to me all the time damn it! lol Haha
Haha, this happens to me almost every time LOL
Oh my word my stomach does this every time! LOL!
This is exactly what I hope happens to my step mom lol
this is the story of my up until now life! Sherlock, Haha Funny,
and I laugh when I hear young-er people talk about what they are going to have/be doing at a certain age. Haha they forget that LIFE happens smh lol
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Happens everytime! Hilarious, Haha Funny, Lol, Funny Things, Funny Stuff,
happens all the time Pinterest Problems, Haha Funny, Lol, Hilarious, Funny Stuff
i do this all the time while im in walmart! not to be rude but sometimes im not in the mood lol-- jordan could not have said it better.
FISH lol Haha Funny, Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Random Stuff, Funny Things,
Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.
happens all the time. lol happens all the time. lol happens all the time.
what happens every time @Jessica-Ann Newton make dinner!! Haha Funny,
haha i was aware of all of those anyways except the last two which don't happen with me for some reason lol
Happened to me all the time. Cuz i'm too slow in replying one. Haha FunnyFunny ...
Ugh this happens every time I cook.... my neighbors think I can · Haha FunnyFunny ...
Everytime i see a math word problem it looks like this: if I have 10 ice cubes and you have 11 apples. How many pancakes will fit on the roof? answer:Purple ...
that "just after the dentist" feeling that they always talk about on commercials is really more like "I think they used a jack-hammer in my face" feeling
Haha Seriously this happens to me all the time.
This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Apparently some woman named Sofia had my number
Happens All The Time. Wouldve Thought That They Asked It Enough To Know Now But
Happens to me all the time!! lol
this happens with movies all the time and with jersery shore lol I Laughed, Laughter
Reasons why you should let me touch your butt, a powerpoint presentation. LolHaha FunnyFunny ...
Lol....happens time all the time. Hahahaha...haha
Lol happen every time to me!!
oh em gee! whenever i go to walmart this happens all the time! open more of your cash registers already!
Haha Evan (my husband) will randomly yell this out for no reason what so
Hell yeah bruh lol Funny True Facts, Funny True Quotes, Funny Memes, Lol
This happens to me all the time haha Lol, Haha Funny, Funny Stuff,
It happens Funny Texts, Funny Jokes, Haha Funny, Memes Chistosisimos, El Humor
Especially the old person calling me a young man. Happens all the time lol
I still do this ALL the time! ha
Or when u think u overslept. Jump out of bed like a ninja. Then realize its Happens 2 me all the time lol
this happens all the time.. i regret teaching my mom how to text.
a little twisted humor....if I had a nickle for every time. Awkward MomentsAwkward QuotesFunny QuotesHaha FunnyLolHilarious StuffFunny Pictures Random ...
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I hate it...and LOL...but that's the way it. HaHa Funny!
Happens every time! Haha Funny, Lol, Funny Cats, Funny Stuff, Funny