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Inktober Day 28 Vega by DerekLaufman on deviantART
Inktober Day 28: Vega!
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Derek Laufman on Twitter
Inktober Day 16 : Iron Giant by DerekLaufman ...
Inktober Day 25: Sagat! by DerekLaufman
Bin Chicken by 2dforever
A TIE Fighter and the Iron Giant, from artist-slash-game-dev
Inktober 2015 Day 01 - Gully
Inktober - Day 9 and 10 by HJeojeo
Newest Deviations
Streetfighter - Vega by Diogo Ikeno
Inktober Day 26 Balrog! by DerekLaufman
Masterball by Pizzasaur
Cool Art: Cat Woman by Stanley Lau (aka Artgerm)
Awesome Samurai Jack illustration by Derek Laufman #art #samurai #jack
1,679 Likes, 5 Comments - Derek Laufman (@dereklaufman) on Instagram: “ Inktober Day 28 - Captain Red Claw terrorizes the seas of RuinWorld.
carousel by Derek Laufman (@dereklaufman) with caption : "Inktober Day 18 -
Abigail has also been selected as a finalist for the Popcorn Horror "Universal Monsters" competition. Her piece is A) Victorian Bride.
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Brolo 484 23 Street Fighter Alpha-Birdie by HeavyMetalHanzo
COMMISSION - DJ Shwann Redux
Inktober Day 25: Sagat! by DerekLaufman | Derek Laufman [dereklaufman.] | Pinterest | Inktober, Art reference and Awesome art
Inktober Day 24: Metroid! by DerekLaufman .
GA HQ Art Contest 2014: Halloween Art The Winners! by Game
A TIE Fighter and the Iron Giant, from artist-slash-game-dev
Daily sketch featuring Akuma from Street Fighter. I'm not really into fighting games
bayanghitam 663 25 Vega Commission by edwinhuang
Wow! Awesome artwork from Deviant Artist Yaphleen, featuring Princess Mononoke, Castle In The Sky and Kiki's Delivery Service!
Inktober Day 28: Vega! by DerekLaufman .
Inktober Day 22 by on @deviantART
Inktober Day 05 by DerekLaufman.
Gashi-gashi 3,065 214 Saturday Night Slam Masters-The Scorpion by HeavyMetalHanzo
Inktober 2015 Day 03 - Chirp and Bug by DerekLaufman on DeviantArt
Hellboy head sketch by DerekLaufman on DeviantArt
AVP: Pickle Jar Page 2 by VegaSailor on DeviantArt
Roboto-kun 1,632 119 SCRATCH - Sagat by DerekLaufman
Pics for you evety day
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Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains by fantasio
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Inktober Day 31 - Metal Slug by Derek Laufman
Ultra Street Fighter IV Vega HQS Statue 35cm
Chaotic::H'earring by KharyRandolph on DeviantArt
Rugal Bernstein (King of Fighters) - Pictures Characters Art - Capcom vs. SNK
Derek Laufman Game Character Design, Character Art, Game Design, Cartoon Sketches, Awesome
Vegastowinglogo3 by JasonLee8979 on DeviantArt
Thursday, April 26, 2012
Inktober Day 13: Walking Dead by on @DeviantArt | TWD | Pinterest | Desenhos de, Manga e Curtidas
vf02ss 31 3 Zelda-Link by AkiraGenji
Artbook 2 by DerekLaufman on DeviantArt
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Punisher head sketch. I love how they light him on the show in greens so
Inktober Day 11
Cool Art: Spirited Away by Karen Hallion
Street Fighter - Akuma Chibi 3D by adsontaicho on deviantART
Inktober Day 30: STOMP! by DerekLaufman .
TixieLix 1,490 359 Chun li vs Vega by Roberto009
7,099 curtidas, 24 comentários - Derek Laufman (@dereklaufman) no Instagram: “Inktober Day 31 - Venom! This is my @creaturebox inspired head shot.
Cap by on @DeviantArt
@frank_barber_tattoos · Frank Barber
Thursday, May 10, 2012
Street Fighter 25th anniversary tribute by Vancamelot. Street Fighter, Fighting Games, 25th Anniversary
Pepe-Navarro 101 13 Strider Vs. The Emperor Dragon by HeavyMetalHanzo
BlackBeWhite2k7 (Jason Vega) DeviantArt
Spirit World
MerMay 17 05 2016 by on @DeviantArt
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Find this Pin and more on Awesome Art: Derek Laufman by Jason Woody. Cap by Derek Laufman
'Black Angel' by Laura Sava.
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#INKtober 5. Dracula. by AxelMedellin
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The art of Guweiz.
Mega man by DerekLaufman
Ryu Alternate (Street Fighter V) by DHK88 on DeviantArt
Sunday, April 01, 2018
Рисуки Из Линий, Дизайн Персонажей, Концепция Персонажа, Deviantart, Наброски, Мультфильм,
HeavyMetalHanzo 480 45 Morrigan by Pepe-Navarro
El personaje que inaugura la nueva sección es uno de los más ricos en contenido mitológico
'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' portraits by Ilya Kuvshinov.