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Inside Americas Most Violent Professional Wrestling
It Ain't Ballet: 10 Most Violent Professional Wrestlers. “
Inside America's Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch
Inside America's Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch
Damian Abraham goes to Delaware to get an inside look at one of the most violent forms of professional wrestling in the world.
Best of CZW Cage of Death match
Chinese death match wrestler
Worlds BLOODIEST Wrestling from Japan -by ADEYTO - YouTube
There's violent wrestlers, and then there's New Jack. One of the most popular wrestlers to ever come out of ECW, New Jack's matches constantly straddled the ...
Inside 'Total Ultra-Violent Disaster,' Mexico's Most Extreme Wrestling League - VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos
Magnus Jan 2013.jpg
10 Questions With Pro Wrestling's Next Big Star, Adam Cole – CBS St. Louis
Samoa Joe
Audience members in New Albany applaud wrestler Josh Crane as he competes in the IWA Mid
Nicolas Atkin
FULL MATCH: RISE Death Match! Big Joe vs Dr Darwin. RISE: Underground Pro Wrestling
The final bell: Wrestlers who died in 2017
SuperClash rocks Cheltenham Town Hall! I'm Next: The Strange Journey of America's Most Unlikely Superhero (9780609607800): Bill Goldberg, Steve Goldberg: Books
This real bloody wrestling between a guy and a tough lady is must watch - YouTube
Glass shatters as pro wrestler Matt Tremont lands on an opponent during a "death
Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling by [Anderson, Ole, Teal
10 Wrestling Matches That Turned Into REAL Fights
Brutal, hardcore and violent. Death-match wrestling leaves the opponents in a mess
Blue Demon, Jr. wrestles El Hijo del Santo. In Latin America and English-speaking countries, most wrestlers ...
Rikidōzan was a huge star in Japan in the 1950s, and he is commonly credited with bringing professional wrestling to Japan
YouTube: Remove Wrestling from "Offensive Content" List!
CZW: The Main Event of Cage of Death 18 is official! ( - YouTube
SICK BLADE JOB Brett Sawyer PORTLAND Wrestling 80s PNW
In a career that spanned more than 50 years, Johnny Saint has a well-
WWE's Daniel Bryan
New Japan U.S. Wrestling Champ Kenny Omega Comes Cleaner
Tickets for the event reportedly sold out in less than three hours, with the venue
How a Gay Pro Wrestler Became Mexico's 'Liberace of Lucha Libre' - VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos
The power and the glory of Dusty Rhodes: The "American Dream" who transcended pro wrestling's racial divide |
Chris Jericho, WWE, Cruise, Band, New Japan Wrestling
... month called "Lucha Vavoom: Inside America's Most Outrageous Show." Check out the trailer and let us know what you think! ...
The match that many call the greatest women's match in professional wrestling history took place when WWE's developmental program, NXT, had a show the night ...
Source: AP/Wide World Photos
SHOCK: Indy Wrestler Throws Brick At Opponent's Head, Knocking Him Unconscious
Benjamin Hager Las Vegas Review-Journal
US pro wrestler Jon Anderson, pictured, walks towards the ring in Pyongyang before his
CZW tried to occupy the space left by ECW in terms of hardcore wrestling, ...
As for the wrestler in the White House, though, Moreno has some advice: “What's good for showmanship, what's good for entertainment, is not necessarily good ...
Professional wrestling in Texas has been and always will be something that is loved. While it's not as loved as football, professional wrestling has made ...
As the founder of FMW, Onita was one of the godfathers of modern deathmatch wrestling. Inspired by the hardcore matches he'd seen in the American South, ...
Photo Credit: Benjamin Dumas
Why China could have its first WWE champion sooner than you think
Nicolas Atkin
Donald Trump's WWE wrestling ties helped hone political persona - Washington Times
Mack Beggs at the weekend became the first trans person to win a Texas Class 6A
In this Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 photo, Euless Trinity'
Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling
With Kaufman's head between his legs, Lawler delivers a vicious piledriver.
Boston, Massachusetts TD Garden has always been a great host of the WWE. Their fans have been very vocal (both positively and negatively) about who is in ...
Top 25 Most Dangerous Wrestling Moves
HOLD FOR FOREIGNEntering the ring. Wrestlers from the WWE enter the ring and begin to
Former TNA Wrestling tag team champions, America's Most Wanted (Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat
Pedro Morales was the first Latin American in history to win a recognized world heavyweight championship. Professional wrestling ...
1980s wrestling boom[edit]
Pro wrestler Christopher Daniels leaps off the top rope. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
The many, many lives of The Green Phantom, Montreal's teacher wrestler | Montreal Gazette
Inside the bloody world of hardcore wrestling where fighters brawl with shards of glass, barbed wire bats and fan-made weapons in ultra-violent 'death ...
Professional wrestling career[edit]
FREEDOMS - Part 1 - Jun Kasai vs Yuko Miyamoto (Scaffold Glass Board Dea.
The audience's reserve during New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) matches is striking. During large shows, the thousands of fans in attendance go long stretches ...
Mad Max star Nathan Jones went from Australia's most wanted to Hollywood star | Daily Mail Online
Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling
The Guardian
There haven't been many wrestling events in Montreal, but the city has hosted some of the most controversial moments ever in professional wrestling history.
At 5'9, Kevin Sullivan was frequently derided for his diminutive stature, especially during the era when the WWF was full of superstars that were mainlining ...
WWE women wrestlers will not be taking part in the Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah (
"Please, please, no more chairity!"
The 50 Biggest Wrestlers in History | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
Nation Of Domination Nation Of Domination, Black Wrestlers, Ron Simmons, Wrestling Superstars,
A wrestler named Aero Boy is wrapped in barbed wire after being thrown through a wooden
Photo Credit: Benjamin Dumas
Courtesy of WWE
Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle (Performance Studies Series): Sharon Mazer: 9781578060214: Books
A Pro Wrestling Curriculum Advice, suggestions and stories to help the aspiring Pro get to the next level.: Dr. Tom Prichard: 9781478113232: ...
Move over WWE - This is Senegalese wrestling
The Squared Circle: Life, Death, and Professional Wrestling by [Shoemaker, David
WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling (WrestleCrap series) by [Reynolds,