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KV7 with the paired 76mm guns ZIS5 March 1942 Stalin
KV-7 with the paired 76-mm guns ZIS-5, March 1942
Some changes were made to the radio in March, and splash protection was added to the hull roof in April.
The tarp that was used on the march can be seen in this photo.
GKO decree #2559 "On the organization of SPGs at the Uralmash factory and factory #38" was published on December 2nd, 1942. The Gorky SPG lost even before ...
The 45 mm cannon and DT machinegun matched the requirements for light tanks at the time. The problem was that the gun was already obsolete by 1941.
KV - 1 1940 year (КВ - 1) main gun was replaced with 76 mm F - 32. The late model strengthens the armor to 90 mm.
bmashina: “ KV-1,to crush the German anti-tank gun. ”
The T-70M (»modified«), as it was called, was accepted by the GKO for Red Army service in March 1942.
T-34-75 przód RB.jpg
M10 hameenlinna 2.jpg
German solder in front of a T-24 BOT, armed with a 76 mm L-10 gun. Leningrad Military District, fall of 1941.
KV-1 model 1941/42 with a partially welded turret and the new ZiS
Кв-2 3.jpg
BL-8 High Power 152 mm Gun
Production ZIS-5, from the rear.
The M4A3 was one of the most developed of all the Sherman variants used until 1945
KV-1s had too thin armor and gun to counter the new German panzers
Kliment Voroshilov tank - KV-1 produced in 1942, displayed in Finnish Tank Museum
Images at War Thunder Communities Center Italian medium (Italian heavy) tank Carro Armato Pesante P26/40 | Military vehicles | Ww2 tanks, Tank destroyer, ...
(For Stalin) on the outskirts of Leningrad in 1941. This is from the intermediate 1941 production series with the second type of 76mm gun, ...
As a result, the tank received a pair of Browning M1919 machineguns in the hull. The driver would fire them, but the loader, sitting in the turret, ...
The appearance on the Eastern front, the new German heavy tanks Pz.VI “Tiger” has made significant adjustments to the plans of the Soviet tank builders.
76 mm divisional gun M1902/30
This combat vehicle was developed by MAN in 1941-1942. For the first time the Wehrmacht used Panthers during the battle at the Kursk Arge: 200 Tanks ...
Historical Accuracy: Guns of the KV-1S
122 mm gun M1931/37 (A-19) - The M1931/37
Featured work - Barış's superb IS-3 Stalin
From T-34/85 Model 1944 onwards, all T-34/85s used Savin's ZiS-S-53. It went into production in the spring of 1944. A new antitank gun was then developed, ...
I have previously written about Soviet camouflage for tanks and people. Now, let's see how effective this camouflage was through German eyes, ...
KV-1 after ramming an 88 mm AA gun. Destroying guns with a tank's tracks was a fairly common occurrence.
FV4005 Stage I on the factory floor - British giant: 183 Anti-mm self-propelled…
Occasionally, Stalin personally gave advice to weapons designers. Here's an example.
Nebelwerfer and Land Mattress.jpg
76 mm air-defense gun M1914/15
Review: UM 1/35 scale 76mm Model 1902/1930 Field Gun
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Winston Churchill using a Covenanter III from the 9th Armoured Division as a podium, May 1942.
After Operation Cobra smashed the German defences apart, General Patton s Third Army raced deep
1942 "Formochka" - Smart Kit; (385 in grey styrene, 160 "Magic Track" links, 85 etched brass, 3 clear styrene, 2 twisted steel wire); retail price US$49.95
Inspection of the tank near the Mga railway station, August 1942. Ober-Lieutenant Betke, the commander of the 1st tank company of the 66th Special Purpose ...
New: German Heer sIG33 15cm howitzer (1934-45)
Status: offline, German Availability Infantry Catalog
Here are photos of the novelty that arrived: the brand new gun that the KV series would finish their combat career with.
1927 regimental gun, the elevation and traverse mechanisms were taken from the ZIS-5. The gun mantlet also became simpler, partially identical to the one on ...
Blueprint K.3382, made on June 17th, 1942, in response to Hitler's suggestion to increase the armour thickness and install a gun to protect against enemy ...
An experimental prototype of the Light Tank T9, April 1942. The driver received a pair of machineguns so he wouldn't be bored.
... 30.
Musée des Blindés - Panhard ERC-90.
U-13 gun system used on the KV-7.
The new tank wasn't built from scratch, the old KV-7 with the U-13 was used. Only the gun mantlet and ammunition racks were changed.
Firing trials ended on December 11th, but due to the busyness of the proving grounds staff with other guns, the report was only composed on January 2nd, ...
Review - Merit 1/16 scale 15 cm sFH 18 Howitzer
(completed FoW 85mm AA gun with Zvezda Zis-5 truck)
... a gun in the front hull. On March 11th, 1926. the Ordnance Committee approved work on the Medium Tank M1924 in parallel with work on the Medium Tank T1.
[ IMG]
To solve this problem, counterweights were installed on the gun mantlet. Around this time, the T3E1 system was removed, replaced with the T1 system: a 37 mm ...
ISSUE 41 - StuG III Ausf. G (Sd.Kfz. 142/1) (Germany) - 1944
Anti-Material Rifle || Fallout New Vegas
Large and awkward gun shields were replaced with an improved mantlet, more capable of protecting the weapon from bullets and shrapnel.
The Mikoyan-Gurevich I-250 (a.k.a. Samolet N) was a Soviet fighter aircraft developed as part of a crash program in 1944 to develop a high-performance ...
On March 22nd, 1942, this conglomerate was tasked with development of another 100 ton tank. This project was indexed VK 100.01.
The first ever mention of the name "Maus" in documentation, dated May 18th, 1942. The gun was also changed on this day, shortened by 3 calibers.
105 mm L/67 gun, proposed by Krupp as a alternative weapon for the Pz.Kpfw. Maus in June of 1942.
P43 tank
6656; Advance to Kharkov 1942 - Gen2 Gear; 134 parts (132 in grey stryene, 2 etched brass); estimated retail price $14.95. Advantages: four nice vignette ...
The Littlejohn Adapter was first designed for the 2-pdr gun. The Bovington Tank Museum retained a Littlejohn for the 37 mm gun installed in the Locust.
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor
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Jackson King V
M35 series 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck
À la mi-mars 1946, un correspondant de la Pravda a demandé à Staline de clarifier certaines questions soulevées dans le discours prononcé par Winston ...
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