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Katsuyori Shibata amp Kenta NJPW Wrestling und Blog
NOAH - Katsuyori Shibata & KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima & Muhammad Yone - YouTube
These two had a fun G1 Climax match and this played out similarly in the sense that EVIL went after Shibata's perpetually injured arm/shoulder, ...
KENTA & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Go Shiozaki (NOAH, 12/4/05)
[Throwback Thursday] Hideo Itami & Katsuyori Shibata ...
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Zack Sabre Jr. from NJPW 2017
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Jun Akiyama (WRESTLE-1, 8/4/05)
On 11 May 2013 the wrestling world said goodbye to Kenta Kobashi as an in-ring performer. After twenty five years, the All Japan and NOAH legend went out a ...
... rare smiling Shibata.
This EVIL did after Shibata dumped him right onto his multi-colored noggin with the sleeper suplex. Would I like to see a good EVIL run with the title?
NOAH - Katsuyori Shibata vesves KENTA vs Mitsuharu Misawa vesves Go Shiozaki
NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 25 Recap & Review – Night 1
Heading into the 2015 G1 Climax there were a few certainties held by many fans; Shinsuke Nakamura was going to win and Hiroshi Tanahashi might be "done" as ...
Kenta Kobashi chopping Katsuyori Shibata ...
NJPW New Year Dash !! – Recap & Review
And today I take you through my top 10 Japanese wrestlers, now this list isn't in order so never mind the bollocks, here's the blog.
Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi (AJPW Budokan Hall Show Jun '99) - Highlights
A battle of elbows vs. chops, which they get to almost immediately, with Shiozaki turning Sugiura's chest into a beet red mess.
#NJPW Katsuyori Shibata talks about his feud with Hiroshi Tanahashi
After he entered high school, he joined the amateur wrestling club. There, he met his later rivals like Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata at the national ...
Top 20 Katsuyori Shibata Matches
Okada vs shibata highlights Sakura genesis
KENTA beat Takeshi Morishima with the No Lock. Good match here but not a real classic or anything. There were some cool spots like KENTA's double stomp to ...
Shinsuke Nakamura beat Katsuyori Shibata with the Shining Triangle in 10:50. Great match. They started out so awesome with Shibata hitting a flurry on ...
Shifting The Spotlight: Katsuyori Shibata
Shibata Injury Recovery Update, Top NJPW Star Turns 35, Hideo Itami Vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (Video) - Wrestling Inc.
This week in NJPW: Who's the boss?
Katsuyori Shibata RPW High Stakes 2017 Full Entrance
Katsuyori Shibata
Happy 39th birthday to one of the NJPW New 3 Musketeers, The Wrestler, Katsuyori Shibata.
NJPW Kizuna Road 7/5/2013 Review
Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato vs. Koji Iwamoto & Fuminori Abe (AJPW, 11/12/16)
Taka Michinoku
He passed the NJPW tryout after failing 2 times. He was the last Tsukibito (attendant) of Keiji Mutoh at NJPW. While Tana gained popularity in his rookie ...
Update on NJPW Star Katsuyori Shibata's Condition Following Possible Career Ending Injury
Musashi vs Katsuyori Shibata - NJPW Nexess 2004 (5/3/2004) - video dailymotion
Yoshihiro Takayama, Minoru Suzuki, Kazushi Sakuraba, & Katsuyori Shibata Group Picture ...
New Japan should have seen WWE's talent raid coming
Togi Makabe
RAW Recap & Review – Episode 1338
NOAH - Tetsuya Naito & Naomichi Marufuji vs KENTA & Masato Tanaka 03/08/2014 : njpw
BML - Katsuyori Shibata & Kota Ibushi vs Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Morishima
NXT Recap & Review – Episode 465
Katsuyori Shibata 2015
NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 03.05.2016 - NEVER OpenWeight Championship - Yuji Nagata vs. Katsuyori Shibata - video dailymotion
NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 11
Karl Anderson
Return to NJPW (2012–present)[edit]
SmackDown Live Recap & Review – Episode 1010
NXT Recap & Review – Episode 471
WrestleMania Season won't only be the start of the biggest event in wrestling history, but also the most prestigious and longest running tournament in all ...
NXT Recap & Review – Episode 447
Championships and accomplishments[edit]
NXT Recap & Review – Episode 430
NOAH - KENTA & Jun Akiyama vs Go Shiozaki & Makoto Hashi
Championships and accomplishments[edit]
Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki G1 Climax 2017 Highlights
Katsuyori Shibata vs Kenta Kobashi (I know he's not a New Japan guy, but ya gotta admit this would be an awesome match, let's just say Inoki asked Misawa ...
AJPW - Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada
Akihito Ito
Hideo Itami
Stardom Shinkiba Meeting – Recap & Review
Shibata - video dailymotion
Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa (NOAH Navigate for Evolution '03 - Day 9) - Highlights
Precap to NJPW The New Beginning 2013: "I'm new to New Japan & what is this?" edition
When styles got to WWE and balor lost the Nxt title to Samoa Joe, every wrestling fan started to dream about a potential match up between the two.
Wrestler Who Put On Mask For Ring To Voice Self In "Tiger Mask W" Anime
Katsuyori Shibata & Yuji Nagata ♢Winner: Shibata (14:39) following the P.K. on HASHI. ~ Shibata stated that he shall be victorious against Okada.
Katsuyori Shibata. "Mad Dog Wrestler"
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NOAH - Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards & Smith vs Kenta Kobashi, Tamon Honda & Ito
NOAH - Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima & Sugiura vs Kenta Kobashi, Tamon Honda & Taniguchi
Kojima (right) and Hiroyoshi Tenzan as the IWGP Tag Team Champions in February 2012
They said Zizou Middoux is from South Africa and they are pushing that the Middoux/Sydal team are partyboys.
Mae Young Classic 2018 Recap & Review – Episode 1
NJPW Kizuna Road 7/20/2013 Results and Review
NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 20
NJPW Kizuna Road 7/15/2013 Review
Kenta Kobashi (AJPW 4/13/93) Full Match
NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 9
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"5 Star Match" Kenta Kobashi vs Samoa Joe 2005 Highlights
Before I splash into this review, don't skip out on the six-man semi-main featuring Damnation (Ishikawa, Sasaki & Endo) against Sakaguchi, KUDO, and ...
SmackDown Live Recap & Review – Episode 973