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Royal Navy Pom Poms antiaircraft guns firing
Royal Navy Pom Poms anti-aircraft guns firing :) World War Two.
2 pdr Royal Navy "pom poms" anti-aircraft gun - Four barrelled mounting - Used on Cruisers and Destroyers
Royal Navy anti-aircraft "pom poms" - Two pounder ammunition (cases) being "sweeped away" from the ejection chutes
2 pdr Royal Navy "pom poms" anti-aircraft gun - Eight barrelled mounting - Used on Battleships
HMAS Nizam AWM-009496.jpg
2-pdr [4 cm/39 (1.575")] QF Mark VIII
Anti-Aircraft "Pom-Poms" - World War Two
The Royal Navy during the Second World War A gun crew at one of the eight
Gunners on HMCS Assiniboine fire their 2 pdr while escorting a troop convoy from Halifax to Britain, 10 July 1940.
Anti-aircraft warfare
AA Thumpers. Gun TurretMarineNavy ShipsModel ShipsRoyal NavyBelfastPom PomsCanonWorld ...
British naval anti-aircraft weaponry – a brief history
Quadruple 0.5 inch Vickers Anti-Aircraft machine guns.
QF 2-pounder Mark II[edit]
Navy Bofors anti-aircraft guns
Pom-pom directors, Mk IV on HMS King George V. The large rectangular box centered above the director contains the gyro rate unit. This image was taken early ...
Home Fleet (1949). British Pathé
Various sizes of Anti-Aircraft ammunition from World War Two. I've heard of the 0.5 inch (Royal Navy - quad Vickers machine gun), 2 pdr (Royal Navy Pom Poms ...
Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun - Quad mount - World War Two
Royal Navy anti-aircraft gun crew
Royal Navy 4.7 inch 40 calibre anti-aircraft gun - HMS Rodney - Range @45 degrees 15 km - Ceiling 10 km (in anti-aircraft role)
QF 2-pounder Mark VIII[edit]
German soldier manning a MG34 anti-aircraft gun in WW2
Vickers 40 mm pom pom (single mount) - Dutch Navy - World War Two. The gun operator appears to be turning the training hand wheel (i. clockwise ...
Royal Navy sailors firing pom poms and machine guns from ship during WWII
A 4.5in Quick Firing MkIV gun in 'UD' Upper Deck mounting
Bofors L60 IWM England.jpg
A MK 12 quadruple mount of Bofors guns fires from USS Hornet
QF 1-pounder
Twin Bofors 40 mm Anti-Aircraft gun. Looks to be in amazing condition!
QF2 Mk. VIII single mount from HMCS Kamloops, displayed in Canadian War Museum. The Royal Navy ...
Bofors gun on the Ley-class minehunter HMS Isis (1978)
Water-cooled Bofors 40 mm twin mount anti-aircraft guns - as used by the US Navy - although later in the quad barrelled version.
The latest 20 mm Oerlikon gun on board HMS HERMIONE, showing a naval gunner utilising the rubber shoulder rests for high-angle firing.
bofors guns
A German anti-aircraft gunner with a 20mm automatic FlaK-30 anti-aircraft gun in a trench on the coast of France.
A Brit Pom Pom in South Africa
Lot-3478-44: British Activities, WWII. Royal Navy Midshipman on-board a destroyer manning Pom Pom anti-aircraft guns.
The Royal Navy during the Second World War Looking down on two of the eight barrelled
Royal Navy anti-aircraft "pom poms" - Two pounder ammunition (cases) being "sweeped away" from the ejection chutes | Naval | Pinterest | Royal navy, Navy ...
The gun was first conceived when the Swedish Navy approached Bofors for a suitable replacement for the British Vickers 2-pounder “pom-pom”.
Battleship Missouri 20mm anti-aircraft gun. Any gunners aim, was to place the aircraft in the middle of their "iron sight" and f…
The Royal Navy in 1942 A sailor on watch, wearing a duffle coat, steel
Two "Wrens" -- Womens Royal Naval Service -- armourers are shown servicing a shipboard Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun during WWII.
British 3 inch 20 cwt anti-aircraft gun Mark III 1918 Firepower Museum
German 88 mm flak gun in action against Allied bombers.
Battleship HMS Rodney anti-aircraft guns.
USS WASP In 1954 had Four - Twin 3 inch / 50 caliber gun in the United States Naval gun terminology indicates the gun fired a projectile 3 inches mm) in ...
The Royal Navy during the Second World War The gun crew of a single 2 pounder
Crew of a inch High Angle gun “closed up” ready to face an aerial attack on board HMS JAVELIN whilst she was at sea. Note the men standing by with further ...
Test firing a Type-96 25mm AA Gun onboard an unidentified destroyer, 1942
Able Seaman W. Thompson firing an oerlikon onboard HMAS Warramunga.
40 MM Pom Pom Guns by Larry Selman Battleship North Carolina, Uss North Carolina,
British Anti Aircraft Weapons of World War II
King George V class battleship 1945.jpg
The Royal Navy during the Second World War HMS PRINCE OF WALES opens fire with her
An emergency AA weapon, the 3-pounder Hotchkiss QF gun pressed into service at the start of WW2
Greasing ...
... naval AA weapon. As can be seen here and ...
The highly effective and widely used 40mm Bofors autocannon, Mk N1 variant
I believe this is a Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun - single mount version
Landing craft tank
HMS Hood
A British Pom Pom gun shoots down an enemy aircraft in the Atlantic Ocean during ...HD Stock Footage
Anti-Aircraft Gun and Crew in Action
Shooting with anti-aircraft gun in Sweden 1934
The 2-pounder 'pom-pom' as it was rarely seen, as a single barrel. Four, eight or even 16 guns to a mounting were more common
The first requirement I met by putting the baulks in the form of a cross, which gave almost equal stability all round, the second by using baulks 12 feet ...
QF 5.25-inch naval gun
... A Captured German Pom Pom with an Australian crew 1916
QF 3″ 20 cwt onboard HMS Royal Oak
United States[edit]
The breech of the 4.5in Quick Firing gun, which could be loaded with dedicated AA ammunition
HMS Warspite, Indian Ocean 1942.jpg
Details of pompom mount on King George V class
The Royal Navy during the Second World War Aboard HMS RODNEY, a group of officers
Photograph of British 40mm "pom-pom" antiaircraft gun
British QF 3.7 inch gun in London in 1939.
Maxim Pom-Pom 37mm Machine Gun
An octuple 2-pdr "pom-pom" anti aircraft gun on a British ship.
Town-class cruiser (1936)
... an integral part of the anti-aircraft arsenals of both the U.S. Navy and Royal Navy ...
Gun 543 mounted on field gun carriage, South African National Museum of Military History (2007)
After the end of the Second World War and after some consideration and consultation with the Admiralty, it was agreed that the most appropriate replacements ...
The result for the British Army before the First World War, in was a dramatic increase in the rate of accurate fire, up to 25 rpm.
QF 4-inch naval gun Mk XVI
The Big Guns of the Royal Navy Exrcising. April 1943, on Board the Battleship
This gun mounts the original reflector sights, and lacks the armor found on British examples.
Devonport Park (2008)