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Scientists urge caution in using new CRISPR technology to
Scientists urge caution in using new CRISPR technology to treat human genetic disease | Berkeley News
One of the biggest and most important science stories of the past few years will probably also be one of the biggest science stories of the next few years.
In the ongoing controversy over whether and how to use a powerful new genome editing technology
DNA crispr cas video real time
Using genome editing to treat human diseases is very tantalizing. But a few recent scientific papers suggest that CRISPR is not without its problems.
How CRISPR works
Javier Zarracina/Vox
Importance. The CRISPR/Cas 9 technique is one of ...
Ruling Out Ban, Organizations Urge Caution on CRISPR Germline Genome Editing
Gotta love that designer baby stock art. (Shutterstock)
Abstract stock art meant to depict a powerful world-changing technology. (Shutterstock)
Scientists urge caution before leaping ahead with gene-editing treatments.
CRISPR for Conservation? Not So Fast!
An artist's rendering of the powerful genome editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9. (Stephen Dixon)
Science Photo Library - ZEPHYR via Getty Images
Here's what we know about CRISPR safety – and reports of 'genome vandalism'
Gene drive systems distort the rule that there is a 50:50 chance of a gene copy being passed on. This promotes the inheritance of a particular copy of a ...
CRISPR for Conservation? Not So Fast!
Correction of a pathogenic gene mutation in human embryos. Researchers ...
Researchers urge scientists to use caution
Here's what we know about CRISPR safety – and reports of 'genome vandalism'
Shown is a scheme describing how the CRISPR/Cas9 system edits DNA.
While the U.S. is just gearing up to the idea of CRISPRing its first humans, China seems to be benefiting from the “move fast and break things” — or cut ...
Why Treat Gene Editing Differently In Two Types Of Human Cells? | IFLScience
Pre-Existing Immunity to CRISPR Found in 96% of People in Study
Javier Zarracina; Oye et al. 2014. By harnessing this technique, scientists ...
A Scientist Explains Why The Alleged CRISPR Babies News Is More Shocking Than You Might Realise
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CRISPR bombshell: Chinese researcher claims to have created gene-edited twins
Consensus statement of European Societies of Gene and Cell Therapy on the reported birth of genome-edited babies in China
CRISPR Pioneer Zhang Preaches Extra Caution In Human Gene Editing
Nobel laureate David Baltimore speaks to reporters during the National Academy of Sciences international summit on the safety and ethics of human gene ...
Urging Caution During a Genomic Revolution: A Conversation with David Baltimore | Caltech
Scientists and ethicists gathered at an international summit in Washington said it would be "irresponsible" to use gene editing technology in human embryos ...
Splicing and Dicing DNA: Genome Engineering and the CRISPR Revolution | World Science Festival
dna cut and paste crispr
Using this new technique scientists hope to discover causes of repeat miscarriages, giving hope to
CRISPR co-inventor responds to claim of first genetically edited babies | Berkeley News
Genetically edited babies – scientific advancement or playing God? - ABC News
A new CRISPR breakthrough could lead to simpler, cheaper disease diagnosis - The Washington Post
Decision clears way for UC Berkeley to receive CRISPR-Cas9 patent
Gene editing illustration
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During fertilization, eggs may play an unexpected role in choosing which sperm offer the best
CRISPR is a tool for editing DNA that researchers claim is as precise as a surgeons's scalpel. But new studies suggest it that CRISPR may cause off-target ...
Gene summit organizers urge caution on human gene editing | SciTech | GMA News Online
11 Organizations Urge Caution, Not Ban, on CRISPR Germline Genome Editing
He Jiankui attends the International Summit on Human Genome Editing at the University of Hong Kong.Reuters
Earthquake zone, Jan. 17, 2919, East Bay
Caution urged over gene drives for conservation - Expert reaction - Science Media Centre
Miko Fogarty looking at the camera
Gene silencing and targeting with CRISPR. (Science in the News, Harvard) Gene silencing and targeting with CRISPR. (Science in the News, Harvard)
In CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, a guide RNA sequence (green) helps Cas9 protein (purple) cut DNA at the correct spot.
Doudna, Berkeley Gain Expert's Backing In CRISPR Patent Fight
CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing complex from Streptococcus pyogenes. The Cas9 nuclease protein uses a guide RNA sequence to cut DNA at a complementary site.
Just last week, the FDA put a hold on its US CRISPR trial requesting more information, which resulted in a big stock drop for CRISPR Therapeutics.
Jennifer Doudna, a scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, speaks during the Human Genome Editing Conference in Hong Kong Tuesday.
Intersections: A Forum for Christian Life in our MedTech age
A Brave New World?, CRISPR technology to treat human genetic disease, Genetics, Health, RANTING & RAVING
Credit: CC0 Public Domain
fly brain
CRISPR is Here
Court denies UC appeal, allowing issue of key.
Jeremy Geffen
Image: Francisco Mojica (Jacquie Manning) Link to larger image.
Homology Med Bags $83.5M More, Fueling Push For Gene Editing Twist
CRISPR inventor calls for pause in editing heritable genes | Berkeley News
ASHG on Twitter: "New ASHG statement: With 10 other orgs, we urge a cautious but proactive approach to germline genome editing ...
(National Academies of Sciences)
PHOTO: In this Oct. 9, 2018 photo, Zhou Xiaoqin adjusts a monitor
Kathy Niakan at work in the lab (copyright The Francis Crick Institute )
... Cut and Paste (Video)
CRISPR-edited cells already underway, but this new study urges caution moving forward,
NIH Director Urges Caution in Gene Editing
CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing quickly decimated two caged populations of malaria-bearing mosquitoes (Anopheles gambiae) in a recent study, introducing a new way ...
Doudna and Kai Hong
CRISPR institute expands into agriculture,.
Brooke Borel
Lucy Reading-Ikkanda/Quanta Magazine
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CRISPR technology to treat human genetic disease, A Brave New World? VOL.1 NO.28
Utah professor urges caution in altering DNA of unborn babies - The Salt Lake Tribune
Here's one fight the Green New Deal should avoid for now
In the grand scheme of things, it can seem like progress in science and medicine moves pretty slow. For example, we still aren't sure what causes premature ...
The Innovative Genomics Institute
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