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Siam through the Lens of John Thomson padraigrooneycom
Siamese youth, photo by John Thomson. Courtesy of the Wellcome Library.
Rama IV, King Mongut, in royal attire on October 6, 1865. Photo
A Siamese boatman with his oar, photo John Thomson, circa 1865. Courtesy of
A Siamese nobleman, photo by John Thomson, circa 1865. Courtesy of the Wellcome
A group of monks and novices, 1867.
L0055544 Brother of the 1st king, Siam, [Thailand]
Wife of minister at the court of Siam, 1865.
A Siamese prince, heir-designate Prince Chowfa Chulalongkorn, 1865.
Rama IV, King of Siam, in European attire, 1865. Photo by John
Siamese monk, 1865.
The river and bridge at Petchaburi, 1857. Photo by John Thomson.
Siamese teenager with the traditional topknot. Attributed to John Thomson.
Frontispiece of John Thomson's The Straits of Malacca (
Chests John Thomson used to carry his photographic equipment. Courtesy of the Wellcome Library.
Liang Ewe, Phuket woman in Baba-Peranakan style clothing, no date given.
A fisherman at Bangtao, Phuket, circa 1962. Photo by Saengjun Limlohakul.
Presentation of a prince (heir-apparent Prince Chula?) to Rama IV,
'Photography and Exploration', a wood-engraving from Gaston Tissandier, History and. '
William Gedney, RDS Dublin 1974
William Gedney, Boy at outdoor ampitheatre, 1974
Urban children, circa 1959, photo by Edward Wallowitch
The monk and the prince.
Edward Wallowitch with an unidentified priest, circa 1950s
On Nantucket, 1940
The Bamiyan Buddha, August 1939, photo by Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Portrait of a beggar on a street corner. Photo by Edward Wallowitch
The Bridge, circa 1958, by Rong Wong-Savun
Pornsak Sakdaenprai's country music-style portraits from 1965.
Philippe Vermès portrait of Ella Maillart
William Gedney, Self-portrait, 1974
Photo by Rong Wong-Savun, The Memorial Bridge, circa 1958, Bangkok.
914 West Master Street, Philadelphia, Coleman family, 1954. Photo by Edward Wallowitch
Teenager, photo by Edward Wallowitch, c. 1969-72
Photo by Edward Wallowitch, circa 1964
A portrait of Karl Siegfried Döhring, in the palace he designed in Patchaburi.
The Swiss community of Gruetli in Tennessee, photo by Annemarie Schwarzenbach, 1937
Liang Ewe, Phuket woman, 1955.
William Gedney, Entire Cornett family on porch, 1964
The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India, photograph by Ella Maillart
David Bailey is the Cecil Beaton of our age. Beaton did the bright young things and the royals, the shits in the shuttered châteaux – Willy Maugham, ...
Thomas and Katia Mann with their grandchildren
William Gedney, Boy selling newspapers, 1974
James Joyce photographed in 1926 by Berenice Abbott
American poet Brian Turner visited Basel for a few days in May. Brian in a veteran of the US Army and has served in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq.
Photograph by Gisèle Freund (courtesy of the Bienecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University)
Robert Louis Stevenson. Library of Bristol University.
Pagoda commemorating King Chulalongkorn.
Slouching towards Korat: Pornsak Sakdaenprai's country people in 1965
An Art Deco putto in the Ban Puen Palace in Petchaburi, 1910-1916.
Fountain in the courtyard, Ban Puen Palace, Petchaburi, 1910-1916.
Nobel ...
Another putto, Ban Puen Palace, Petchaburi, 1910-1916.
Traveller in furs, Peter Fleming, photographed by Ella Maillart in China, 1934
Huitoto tribesmen ...
This is John Wallowitch!!! (1964), with cover art by Andy
Staircase with Viennese (Koloman Moser) influence, Petchaburi, 1910-1916.
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A view from the river: Döhring's railway station sandwiched between the King Chulalongkorn pagoda and
They're reproductions of chromographic photographs (photochromes) taken by Msr Giletta at the beginning ...
Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace in Petchaburi, architect Karl Siegfried Döhring 1910-1916
Street art, Arles 2014
H.M. the King of Thailand's custom-made gold plated Leica.
Roger ...
William Gedney, Nude man stretching at seashore, 1974
Minimalist detail, ornament abjured.
Exquisite glazed tiling, Ban Puen Palace, Petchaburi, 1910-1916.
Foundations of the Wang Lang Palace, dating from the Rattanakosin period, 1700s.
Clean lines and bricky front restored.
Former Bangkok Noi Railway Station, designed by Karl Siegfried Döhring in 1900.
Lucia ...
Fascist brutalism, Grand Postal Building Bangkok, 1940
Ella Maillart's Leica, from the documentary Les voyages extraordinaires d'Ella Maillart
Negro boys at the port, Charleston, South Carolina, 1937
Transvestites at the Eldorado, early 1930s