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Weight 1980 grams Bed size 190 cm x 67 cm Height off ground
Weight: 1,980 grams Bed size: 190 cm x 67 cm Height off ground: 16 cm Load capacity: 150 kg Frame: DAC TH72M alloy Packed size: 53 cm long x 15 cm diameter
Weight and weight at age for each component in Div. 1A inshore compiled on .
BDST plot at 7.5 % breakthrough in a fixed-bed column at different flow rates
(a) Size of the best day's catch of Gulf groupers plotted against the year
Landing (whole weight in tons) of sea urchins by year in Japan. Data
Length-weight relationship of male, females and C. sexes of S. rubrum
Family × period interaction for daily height growth. Values for BC 3 F 3 were
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Scatter plots and associated linear regressions between nut weight and height, root collar diameter (
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Mean comparison of plant height, number of ear, ear length, wood ear diameter
Mean weight (g) of C. quadricarinatus throughout a 158 day period, cultured
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Mean dry weight per specimen in µg of 4 collembolan taxa in 0-20 cm
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Shoot and root dry weight (g) of mycorrhizal (Ge—G. etunicatum
Quantification of work technique assessments. Scores of the categories and weights of the items are
Mean height, weight, and BMI of schoolchildren according to age, sex,
Weight (g) of thyroid glands in various age groups
... up to average size (brown), Homo sapiens (in optimal conditions) allometric growth (grey), and the proposed allometric growth curve for proboscideans in ...
Initial GWL CM scale factors with full-scale and model values.
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FPLC gel filtration chromatography of purified human serum albumin. Single resolving peak confirmed the purity
Comparison of relative nutrient composition and above ground dry weight of (A, D)
The VitalGrill Stove The flame, fed by a blower fan, produces up to BTU of heat - two to three times more energy than traditional portable stoves.
Weight functions for the 3s atomic orbital of Cl in systems with all electrons (ae
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Measurements conducted by micrometer for particle size of cocoa solids with different initial weights and processed
Length-weight relationships for nine species of fish caught at Lutong River
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Assembled: 52 cm w x 50 cm d x 46 cm h Packed: 30 cm x 9 cm w x 10 cm h Weight: 610 gm or 630 gm in the tote bag Capacity: 120 kg Color: Black fabric, ...
Main lithofacies identified in cores from high resolution photos, grain size analysis and X-
self-reporting bias in weight (Kg). solid lines correspond to mean weight
Size frequency distributions for redclaw after a 24 week culture period in aquaria, fed 6
Procedure for extraction of nitrate (and nitrite) from food samples (after Unger & Heumann, 1985)
Fig. 6: Northen Pikes (Esox lucius): Total-TEQ (PCDD
Length-weight relationship in C. sexes of L. sceleratus using gutted weight.
Zostera marina. Average aboveground and belowground biomass as a function of sediment organic content in
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.1 Structural characteristics of the forest stands in Unterlüß and Ziegelroda.
Mean harvest weight (±SE) for C. quadricarinatus cultured in an earthen pond
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Carbohydrates From Seaweeds
Particle size of cocoa solids with different initial weights as a function of time.
Polynomial curve fitting for symphyseal-fundal height and gestational age curve
Randomised control trial of home based motivational interviewing by midwives to help smokers quit or cut down
Correction between weight loss and PBI concentration in PBI/PAr films at 550°C
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Partitioned dry weight yield of 20 week old somatic embryo-derived yellow poplar plantlets in
Mean weight-at-age (g) of sprat in October 1987 ac .
Carbonate content of concretions as a proxy for intergranular volume. Values are HCl-soluble
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Common diseases of lemongrass and their causal agents .
weight and length characteristics, as well as, the parameters of the LWR (W
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Acute enhancement (percent and effect size) of strength related pre-conditioning activities
Gas chromatogram of lemongrass oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus) GC conditions:-column : 3.2
Main effects of different levels of salinity and potassium on saffron root parameters
Larval mortality, pupation and emergence of adults
Inclusion criteria for Parental perception of Obesity Study (PPOS) MI = mother interview,
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This is a diagram and related photograph of soil layers from bedrock to soil.
Impact breakage functions of HPGR product and HPGR feed (single-size level: À
Estimated fish flesh represented by remains in Kansyore horizons at Wadh ...
... Figure 4: The Big Footprint of Multiple-High-
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Weight in grams and number (in brackets) of Sardina pilchardus males and females in
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Purification of acid phosphatases PI, PIIa and PIIb from peanut seedlings.
On the left, the joint of the floor slab and concrete foundation wall is sealed
seedling growth characteristics for whole population and for two nut size classes. FOLR stands
Acute enhancement (percent and effect size) of strength related pre-conditioning activities
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Schematic representation of increase in mean seed weight and embryo length for a population of seeds
Regression equations for total body length (L, in cm) versus total body
Age-and multivariable-adjusted hazard ratios for the association of weight
MgO versus Al 2 O 3 (weight %) diagram for metavolcanic rocks from the
Effect of litter size on piglets' characteristics at birth
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Seagrass coverage □ in the sandy site and the muddy site in July 2006 and July
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Plant height, yield and yield attributes of sorghum hybrids in rice-fallows in .
Dry weights for 16 different species for three different filter bed substrates.
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Vango TRANSFORM THROW AND PILLOW This throw and pillow is two products rolled into one.
The main components of the diet (by weight) were fish, principally the mosquitofish
Length weight relationship parameters and absolute (K) conditions of S. rubrum from different
Number of specimens and wet weight (g) of species caught by bottom trammel .