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Via lipstickalley quotJason Black Exposes ZaZa Ali For Being
via lipstickalley: "Jason Black Exposes ZaZa Ali For Being A Fraud !"
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I posted multiple times earlier this year that EVERYONE is or was going to be exposed
The Hypocrisy of Nylah Says & her Panel & Zaza Ali? Mechee X, Just Stop?
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TV = Tel-lie-vision: commercials and advertisements, are invidiously and insidiously imposing their religious "racism", to radicalize rebellions ...
Through and by the internalized powers vested inside me, my human bio-bodily being, those that I've identified, nationally named are blacklisted.
Using old-school sayings, common cliches such as: "Your black ass" this that or the other obscene ...
... was known to tell her daughters to NOT marry Black men. The following is a link of Mimi's family, all blonds and blues and reds and greens everywhere:
Now next needed notes, is that Nationalized Negroes, are actually interchangeable with the adjective word black. And it in Latin - Spanish means the color ...
Happy parent: The baby's mother, Masika Kalysha, shared the intimate moments via Snapchat
Justin rifling through the twin's cupboard to see what snacks he can steal
He's been in business for the last past 12 years he says, and has personal experiences, that says "African Africans"; are far behind....etc.
Dax " ...